Moritz Quartet

Moritz Quartet

This Quartet came to being in 1998. Members of this ensemble are all graduates of master schools and classes. Repertoir of The Moritz Quartet contains above all works of the jewish composers, but also compositions of classical authors. Quartet borrowed its name from famous violin virtuoso Moritz Kassmayer. Therefore, among others, they often perform Kassmayer´s arrangements of national songs, which were quite felt into oblivion till the present time.

Luděk Růžička (1. violin) graduated from the Conservatory and also from The Academy of Music in Prag. He finished his studies at the University of Music and dramatic Arts "Mozarteum" in Salzburg (class guided by Univ. Prof. Paul Roczek). He is active like a soloist and also like a chamber musician. He is a pedagogue since 2000.
Filip Himmer (2. violin) graduated from the Conservatory and from the class of virtuoso and professor Nora Grumlíková at The Academy of Music in Prag. He was member of The Suk Chamber Orchestra. He is in the present time member of The Talich Chamber Orchestra and of The Jupiter Quartet.
Filip Kimel (viola) he also graduated from the Conservatory and The Academy of Music in Prag, where he studied with doc. Lubomír Malý. Filip Kimel took part in many european master classes of chamber music (Villcroze, Trossingen, Dresden etc.). Since 1993 he has been member of The Suk Chamber Orchestra and he was also one of the founders of The Ludwig Quartet in 1992.
Zuzana Dostálová (violoncello) she graduated as the other members of The Moritz Quartet from the Conservatory in Prag, where she studied with professor František Pišinger. Zuzana Dostálová recently finished her studies at The Janácek Academy of Music in Brno. As same as her collegues, she is interested in chamber music and is member of other chamber ensembles in Prag.


Barber, Samuel: String Quartet – Adagio op.11
Beethoven, Ludwig van: String Quartet E flat major, op.127 „Harp“

Bloch, Ernest:

Brahms, Johannes:

„Paysages“ for String Quartet

String Quartet No.1 c minor, op.51

Čajkovskij, Petr Iljič: String Quartet No.1 D major, op.11
Debussy, Claude: String Quartet g minor, op.10


Dvořák, Antonín:


Haydn, Joseph:

String Quartet f minor, op.9 B37
String Quartet F major, op.96 B179 „American“
String Quartet A flat major, op.105 B193
String Quartet movement F major B120

String Quartet No.2 d minor, op.76 Hob. III: 76 „Quinten““
Hrabánek, Pavel: Enigmata for String Quartet and clarinet
Piano Quintet

Janáček, Leoš: String Quartet No. 2, „ Intimate Letters“
Kassmayer, Moritz: String Quartet Op.14 Vol.II Bohemian Folk Songs
  String Quartet Op.27 Vol.V Hungarian Folk Songs
Mácha, Otmar: String Quartet No.2
Mendelssohn – Barholdy, Felix: String Quartet a minor, op.13
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadée: String Quartet C major, KV 157
String Quartet G major, KV 387
String Quartet C major, KV 465

Ravel, Maurice: String Quartet F major
Richter, František Xaver: Adagio and Fuga
Rubinstein, Anton: String Quartet No.2 c minor, op.17
Schubert, Franz:
String Quartet in a. op.29, D 804 „Rosamunde“
String Quartet in c, D 703 „String Quartet movement“

Schulhoff, Ervin: Five pieces for String Quartet VW 68

Smetana, Bedřich:

Šostakovič, Dmitrij:


String Quartet e minor, „From my live“

String Quartet No.1 C major, op.49
String Quartet No.8 c minor, op.110


Kassmayer - Sil jsem proso
Richter Adagio a Fuga
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