Trio Gideon


Trio Gideon

The Gideon Trio was formed in 1998 during the days of Jewish culture in The Spanish synagogue in Prague. The trio was named after Czech composer Gideon Klein, who died at the age of 26 in Fürstengrube, during a transport from Terezín concentration camp to Auschwitz.

The Gideon Trio is formed by:
Luděk Růžička ( violin ) - graduated from the Conservatory and also from the Academy of Music in Prag. He finished his studies at the University of Music and dramatic Arts "Mozarteum" in Salzburg (class guided by Univ. Prof. Paul Roczek). He is active like a soloist and also like a chamber musician. He is a pedagogue since 2000.
Filip Kimel ( viola ) - he also studied at the Conservatory and continued with his studies at the Academy of Music in Prague with professor Lubomír Malý. Filip has been the second violist of The Suk Chamber Orchestra since 1993. Ha was also a member of Czech Philharmony and FOK orchestra. Filip is a member of The Moritz Quartet and he cooperates with many other ensembles. He is deeply interested in chaber music.
Zuzana Dostálová ( violoncello ) - she graduated from the Conservatory in Prag, where she studied with professor František Pišinger. Zuzana Dostálová recently finished her studies at the Janacek Academy of Music in Brno. As same as her collegues, she is interested in chamber music and is member of other chamber ensembles in Prag.

G. Klein
K. D. von Diettersdorf
J. Haydn

L. Boccherini

H. Krása
L. van Beethoven
W. A. Mozart
Stringed trio
Trios G major, B major, D major
Divertimento C major, D major, F major, G major
Trios A major, G major, B major, Es major,
D major, F major
Passacagila a Fuga, Dance
Stringed trios (choice)
Menuetts from Salzburg

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